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    Valincia's Daughter Skincare Products are made by hand, cruelty-free and are formulated for all skin types. Our products are loaded with Shea Butter, Coconut Oils, and Jojoba Oils that will rid you of dry, ashy, and dull skin. Our moisture-enriched ingredients will leave your skin hydrated, and glowing, from head to toe, and that is why we decided to share our skincare products with the world. Valincia's Daughter Skincare Products helps you dress your skin before you dress your body.

    Come Glow with us❣

    • J. Green

      I absolutely love the body scrub❣ The way it locks in moisture is unmatched.

    • D. Jackson

      I love ALL of the products. Especially the body scrub left me feeling rejuvenated.

    • Mercedes

      My skin is very dry and I have never found a lotion or any other kind of moisturizer that worked. The body butter keeps my skin moisturized all day.