Sheri Jackson-Moore

Unrealized Dreams

As a little girl growing up in a single parent low-income household. I remember listening to my mother talk about her many different businesses and invention ideas. She knew these ideas would make her life and the life of others easier, but they would not come to fruition.

I wasn't aware then, but as I got older I realized just how much that impacted me and the choices I made throughout my life. I've been propelled and driven to accomplish and succeed in everything I do, because I remembered all of my mother's Unrealized Dreams

My faith is my super power, it gives me the courage to move pass my fears and accomplish things that I honestly feel that I would not be able to do otherwise. I truly believe that God gives each and everyone of us gifts, and gives us everything we need to succeed and accomplish those gifts. With faith, a strong work ethic and drive, I believe we all have the ability to fulfill our dreams. I look forward to my next journey, in skin care, my hope is to inspire other's that read my story, to fulfill their own "Unrealized Dreams".    

My product line is named after my mother, "Valincia", as a tribute to all that she is and everything she desired to be.

With Love,
Sheri- Valincia's Daughter❣