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Valincia's Daughter



Valincia's Daughter: Black Business Owner Honors Mother

Motivation came from Sheri’s mother Valincia who years ago had business ideas of her own.

“My mom had all these wonderful ideas and inventions but she didn’t have the wisdom, she didn’t have the knowledge she didn’t have the connections to do anything with it.”

That propelled Sheri to run after her dreams and goals. Sheri says it’s her faith that helps her to believe in herself and she hopes she can help other women to follow their dreams.

“Not only to encourage and inspire African American young girls and women but White women, Italian women, Hispanic women, everybody because we’re all human to know that anything is possible.”

Sheri remembers the business ideas of her mother, those thoughts help Sheri to continue to work for herself.

“I want to honor my mama to let her know cause she’s still living that I heard you I saw you and I want to just kind of honor her that’s why I wanted to call it Valincia’s Daughter.”