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Valincia's Daughter

Brown Sugar Baby Gift Set

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Indulge yourself with the fragrance of Brown Sugar, 4 of our top selling skin care products all together in a gift set.  It's sure to moisturize your body and calm your soul from head toe and leave you with a natural glow. Starting with our exfoliating and moisturizing Brown Sugar Baby 12oz. Body Scrub, then lather on the coordinating Shea based 12oz. Body Butter, finish off with our Brown Sugar Baby 4oz. Mineral Rich Body Oil, and for your face or cuticles add one drop of our very concentrated 4oz. Lavender & Lemongrass Facial Serum.  

Our Gift Sets are available in all of our Body scrub fragrances.  Customize your gift set with the scent that’s right for you. 

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