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Valincia's Daughter

Cotton Candy Body Scrub

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A sweet confection Luscious strawberry with a kiss of vanilla. This combination will evoke happiness and fun what's not to love about Cotton Candy?  Using the wooden spatula that's included, with your scrub, scoop up a dollop of scrub, while in the shower, and massage all over your body, paying close attention to dry spots, like knees, elbows and feet.  Exfoliate and then rinse with warm water. Or put a handful in the tub. It will have your skin feeling silky smooth. Benefits skin hydration and cell renewal.


All of our sugar scrubs are mixed by hand with love. Our products contains no preservatives, and are sulfate free, gluten free, and paraben and cruelty free. Please note that as a result, the natural separation of ingredients may occur upon settling. We recommend gently stirring the sugar scrub with a small spoon before use if needed.

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